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  We have been loading and
unloading bikes on a regular
  basis over the past 15 years.
  Needless to say, we have
become experienced at securing
  almost every type of motorcycle,
  although most of it has been
  sportbikes and pit bikes. Here
  are some simple rules to follow
which will allow you to load and
  secure your own bike without
  risk of damage.
  • Cycle Cynch is designed for "clip on" style handlebars.
  • Cycle Cynch can be used on motorcycles with "solid mount"
  • Cycle Cynch is not recommended for long-term storage use.
    Never store your bike with the suspension compressed.
  • Tie off the rear of the motorcycle to keep the wheel from “dancing”
    around the trailer or truck bed.
  • Cycle Cynch can be used on scooters and bicycles too!
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